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International Submariners Meeting, 

Saint-Petersburg 2006

(May 26-28)


Main events of the St. Petersburg International Submariners Meeting

May 28

Grand Closing Ceremony. Gala Dinner in Leningrad hall of Pribaltiyskaya hotel.

Submariners' Club Chairman Igor Kurdin is meeting the guests:
pict.1 - admiral V. Ponikarovskiy
pict.2 Chief of Design Bureau 'Malakhit" R. Shmakov
Official part of the evening has began
Bring in the Colours!
Saint-Petersburg Government Law and Order Committee Chairman V. Bogdanov is greeting the participants of the Meeting
US Submarine Navy League Admiral Bruce de Mars is presenting a plaque to the Submariners  Club
Admiral Ponikarovskiy make a speech
Ballroom dances performance by naval cadets
Stephanie Miller, the daughter of lost on USS "Scorpion" American submariner, her husband Michael Miller and their adopted children Egor and Oksana.
Guests and sponsors of the Meeting Alexander and Ludmila Burzhinskiys (Teraml-Baltic), Eugeniy  and Nina Simonovs (Grand Furniture of Spain) and Irina Kapitulskaya (Design-bureau)
THat was a special day for Egor and Oksana. Their first enter to the Society. We hope that is just a start!
Admiral Jean Marie Mathey and Marina Podgaevskaya
The toast for Submariners Brotherhood
Rear Admiral V. Monastyrshin, Admiral V.Ponikarovskiy, Hero of the Labor Captain 1st rank V.Rykov and Vice Admiral V.Poroshin


to be continued


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Sponsors of the International Submariners Meeting

Informational support by

         Planned conventions:

          2007 - Cherbourg / France
          2008 - Gdynia /Poland

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