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International Submariners Meeting, 

Saint-Petersburg 2006

(May 26-28)


Main events of the St. Petersburg International Submariners Meeting

May 26

Sea trip  from St.Petersburg to Kronshtadt fortress and  naval base. Wreath laying ceremony into waters of the Big Roadstead of Kronshtadt from a Russian Navy submarine. Gala dinner

Cruise ship "Sapphire" ("Szafire") accommodated more than 300 participants of the International Meeting of submariners.
Official part began. American submarine veteran  Richard Fyten makes a speech
British submariner Peter Johnson and his daughter Pamela
Introducing of high ranks. Admiral Panikarovskiy, Russian Navy
The oldest participant of the Meeting,  95 years old American sub-veteran Jack Stevenson
Submariners love to sing a song sometimes.
Admiral Bruce de Mars, US Navy.
Admiral Ponikarovskiy awards the "Submariner wife" star to a submariners spouse.
Tree submarine Admirals; Genadiy Suchkov, Bogdan Maljarchuk and Bruce de Mars
Russian naval boat getting ready to lay the wreath on  water.
Bear for the ceremony!
The wreath has been laid on the water
The minute of silence
Admiral Suchkov awarding Russian submariners with " The 100-th centennial of the Russian submarine force" medal
Just have been awarded
On the bridge of the "Sapphire"
"Sapphir" has been moored. Participants are descending ashore for sightseeing of the town of Kronshtadt >>>
Gala dinner onboard of "Sapphir" after the tour round Kronshtadt
Veteran of WWII , US submarine-veteran Theodore Foster and his son Michael
Donald and Elizabeth Gregg
Admiral Jorge Ardiles, Chilean Navy and his wife Daphne rising a toast for submariners
US submarine-veterans Ed Kracker and John Sranford with his son Gregory
American submarine veteran Ken Johnson accepts birthday greetings.
Admiral Ponikarovskiy has been awarded with Russian navy lieutenant epaulets


to be continued


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Sponsors of the International Submariners Meeting

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         Planned conventions:

          2007 - Cherbourg / France
          2008 - Gdynia /Poland

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