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International Submariners Meeting, 

Saint-Petersburg 2006

(May 26-28)



From May 26 till May 28 the International Submariners Meeting  was held in St. Petersburg. The Meeting was arranged by  the St.Petersburg Submariners Club and was devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the Russian submarine forces. The event gathered more than 300 submariners from Russia, former Soviet Union republics, USA, France, Great Britain, Australia, Chile, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Italy.


Main events of the St. Petersburg International Submariners Meeting

May 26

Sea trip  from St.Petersburg to Kronshtadt fortress and  naval base. Wreath laying ceremony into waters of the Big Roadstead of Kronshtadt from a Russian Navy submarine. Gala dinner >>>

Sightseeing of the town of Kronshtadt >>>

May 27

Visit to the cruiser Aurora. Lunch in the Nakhimov Naval College >>>

Boat trip down the Neva river. Dinner on board of the boat >>>

May 28

Visit to the St. Seraphimovskoye Memorial Cemetery. Commemoration ceremony of the  Kursk, Komsomolets and K-159 crews >>>

Prayer in the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral >>>

Gala dinner in the Pribaltiyskaya hotel restaurant >>>

Miscellaneous >>>


Slide show of the Meeting by Kenneth Johnson >>>



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Sponsors of the International Submariners Meeting

Informational support by

         Planned conventions:

          2007 - Cherbourg / France
          2008 - Gdynia /Poland

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