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The Saint-Petersburg Submariners' Club (SPSC) was created in the end of November of 1994 by several retired submariners of the 3rd Submarine Flotilla, Northern Fleet as independent, nonprofit, voluntary society. The main purpose of the Club was to provide social assistance to active and retired naval officers and their families. For the years the Club has become a real international body and extended it's goals and fields of activities. At present, the club has more than 2000 members from Russia, all of the former USSR republics and 25 foreign countries.  
   The Club conducts regular meetings of Russian and foreign submariners and consults all those who are interested in the history of the Navy - from students to writers, researchers and teachers.  The Saint-Petersburg submariners took part in creation of several documentary and feature films such as "Hostile Waters", "K-19 The Widowmaker", and others.
   In 2000 the Club was the main organizer of the 37th International Submariners'  Convention which was held in St. Petersburg.
  The Club has established lasting friendly relationship with number of foreign submariners' and seamen's organizations, such as Naval League of the USA, ISA of GB. Among Club's members are such well-know persons as submariner Bob Long,  writers Tom Clancy, Alan White, Peter Huchthausen, Roger Dunham, Jean Marie Mathey, actors Harrison Ford, Liam Nisson and others.
   The Club takes activity in the memorial programs to perpetuate the memory of the perished crewmen from K-129, K-219, K-278, K-429, K-141 "Kursk", USS Scorpion, USS Thresher and others lost submarines.

   Today the Club's main purposes are:

  • To unite efforts and to coordinate activities of funds, societies, naval units and organizations, business and industrial organizations in the field of popularization and patronage of the Navy;

  • To render an assistance to retired submariners and their families in the field of social support, civil adaptation and employment.

  • To perpetuate the memory of lost seamen and deeds of submariners;

  • To conduct the patriotic education of young citizenry;

  • To take part in  public activities on naval history affairs;

  • To participate in the international cooperation in  the field of maritime affairs;

  • To arrange cultural and entertainment functions for Club's members and their families.









Honorary President of the Club,
Chairman of the Submariners Veterans Joint Council


Rear Admiral

Lev Chernavin







Club's Council Chairman

Captain 1st rank (ret.)

Igor. K. Kurdin






The Club is public organization. It means that everybody who takes interest or concerns to the submarine service is welcome to join the Club.

In accordance with Club Bylaw every citizen of Russian Federation or every other country over 17 years old may be a member of the Club. Besides in accordance with the  Bylaw  every legal entity -public organization  may be a common member (organization-member) of the Club (item 3.1 of the Bylaw)

New member joins the Club on a voluntary basis after been recommended by at least two members of the Club. New members should pay the entrance fee. The entrance fee is fixed by the Club's Council  every new fiscal year. (item 3.2 of the Bylaw)

Among our members there are people of different professions, ages and nations.



26-28 May 2006 International Submariners Meeting in St.Petersburg >>>

The Memorial Program for lost K-129, USS Thresher and USS Scorpion. St.Petersburg, September, 1998 >>>

37th International Submariners'  Convention , St.Petersburg, 2000 >>>







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