Dear colleagues!

Regarding unreasonably high price of participation in the International congress 2011 in Istanbul, Council of the St.-Petersburg Club of submariners has made decision to organize independently a trip to Istanbul and to participate only in selected actions of the congress.

We, as well as the majority of the countries-participants of the annual congresses of submariners, consider that this price is unjustifiably overvalued comparing with the standard one, which won't allow many of our members to take part in traditional meetings.

We urgently ask you to send us the price-list of cost of each action of Congress-2011 so we can make our decision.

Best regards.

Captain Igor Kurdin, the Chairman of the Council of the St.-Petersburg Club of submariners.

Petition of the President of Israel submariners Association Rear Admiral Ivan Dror to the organizators of the Congress in Istanbul

Dear Friend

I thought it would be appropriate to inform you with great sorrow that our association has decided not to participate at the 2011 convention. The reason for that decision is :

1. The price is outrageous

2. The memorial ceremony, which is at the center of these conventions and intended for everybody will be performed at the naval bases with participation of the head of delegations only. Our association has only joined those conventions 13 or 14 years ago ,but to the best of my understanding the spirit of the founders of this yearly meeting was that it should be a friendly and affordable meeting with as many participants as possible and with a memorial service at its center with everybody's participation . I think you missed those points and this years convention has become a luxury . If the above 2 points will be rectified we may reconsider our decision ,or else we may consider the suggestion of our friends from St. Petersburg ,fly to Istanbul stay at a hotel and participate at selected happenings. I wish you all the best and good luck with the convention.

A. Dror (Ivan)