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St. Petersburg Submariners` and Naval Veterans` Club invites you to visit our city, the naval capital of Russia!

We are ready to provide you with special naval tourist program all the year round. You are always welcome!

Exemplary program of St. Petersburg tour


We are very proud to announce a new book on submarines Diesels for the First Stealth Weapon: Submarine Power 1902-1945 by the SPSC member Lyle Cummins

Weather in main Russian ports

August, 29.2014
The Japanese Surrender 02 Sep 1945 - 69 Years ago next week and Frank Fatale was there.
Good Evening Brothers and Sisters.
My fellow Submariners we are proud to present a story from our brother, TM3 (SS) Frank Fatale about his adventures during WWII. Next week 02 Sep 2014 is the 69th anniversary of the formal surrender of Japan an the end of WW II. Frank was a witness to the event.
 I served in the USS Muskallunge (SS-262) and it was at the very last month of the War with Japan that I experienced two life experiences. One was extremely tragic and the other was a privilege and an honor to have witnessed. This is my story:   follow the link >>>

Here is information >>>

he book "Red November inside the secret U.S.-Soviet submarine war" is written by Craig Reed, a member of our Club, with the support of the Club and published in 2010. Several years ago Craig Reed personally visited Saint-Petersburg and the Club.
Here is the photo >>>

23 years on eternal patrol

K-278 "Komsomolets"

April 7, 1989    7343′17″ N   1315′51″ E


Dear friends, fellow submariners! We wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year!



December, 30

New Year greetings from our friends

Other congratulations >>>


December 30, 2011
Daylong Fire on Russian Submarine Took Hundreds of Workers to Extinguish


MOSCOW The authorities in Russia marshaled more than 400 firefighters and 170 emergency workers to extinguish a fire on Friday that had raged for almost a day on the hull of a nuclear submarine in dry dock near the northern port of Murmansk. Seven sailors and two emergency workers were treated for smoke inhalation.

On Thursday, enormous plumes of smoke and flame lighted the sky above the submarine, the 550-foot Yekaterinburg, a Delta IV-class vessel commissioned in 1985. Officials claimed to have brought the fire under control within hours. But on Friday they made clear that the effort had been enormous. Only by partly submerging the vessel were they able to douse the flames on the hulls rubber coating, which minimizes noise and makes the submarine more difficult for enemies to detect.

The chief of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, Nikolai Makarov, flew to the snowy port with a team of military investigators, and the story topped the Friday news on Russian television.

President Dmitri A. Medvedev ordered investigators to uncover the cause of the fire and told military officials to ensure that the vessel could return to service. Vice Premier Dmitri O. Rogozin told the Interfax news agency that the fire had not affected the vessels seaworthiness, though other officials said the extent of the damage was not yet clear.

Russia has been shaken by a grim series of submarine disasters in the past. In 2000, an onboard explosion sank the Kursk submarine in the Barents Sea, killing all 118 sailors and officers aboard. In that case, information was slow to emerge, and the authorities initially refused offers of rescue help from foreign navies while insisting that a collision with a foreign submarine had caused the crash. The slow government response provoked public fury and stained the new president at the time, Vladimir V. Putin.

This time, new information emerged at a rapid clip. The fire seemed to have originated on wooden scaffolding that surrounded the vessel while it was in dry dock, possibly in the course of welding work, and spread to an area of 1,600 square feet. There were also questions about smoking.

A disaster is caused by people, Capt. Igor Kurdin, the vessels former commander, told television crews. Somebody smoked, and I am absolutely sure that it wasnt a submariner but the factory crew that works there. A submariner would never do that.

The Yekaterinburg is normally armed with 16 nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, but they had been offloaded during the repairs, and its nuclear reactor was switched off, officials have said. Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said no abnormal radiation levels had been detected on the vessel or in the surrounding area.

A statement Friday morning by the Defense Ministry said that part of the submarines crew had remained aboard to measure temperature and gas concentrations throughout the firefighting effort. All those measurements were in normal range, it said.

follow the link >>>

October, 22

Dear friends, we have honor to introduce you new Club member N 2797

Rear admiral Jeremy Robert MATHERS

Submarine Force of the Republic of South Africa

Name : Jeremy Robert MATHERS
Date of birth : 12 February 1943
Last rank in the Navy : Commodore (now Rear Admiral (junior grade))
Education (military or civil) :
B Sc (Engineering) University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Naval career in brief (ships, ashore facilities etc.) :
South African Navy : January 1960 to February 1998.
Submarine Engineer Officer, Daphne class submarines.
Submarine Flotilla Engineer/Logistics Officer.
Various posts in shore support organisations, Naval dockyard.
Various posts in new submarine acquisition projects.
Last position in the Navy :Chief of logistics at Naval Headquarters (retired 1998)
Awards for naval service : Long service medals, Southern Cross Medal (SM)
Current occupation and position : Retired, working with wife Wendy, who has three nursery schools, a group accommodation centre and a university art materials/coffee shop
Fields of interest : Golf, athletics, hiking, history, theatre

The photo report about visit of guests from the Republic of South Africa


September, 21

On August 12th ex-submariner in the Australian Navy ?Philip Lees (ex CPORSSM) and his wife Anna visited Saint-Petersburg and our Club! Here are his impressions of the visit:?

"Hello to my fellow submariners!

My recent trip to Russia was outstanding. Too many highlights to list. The one that you would all be interested in would be my meeting with Igor Kurdin, the President of the Submarine Club of St Petersburg. During our meeting I presented Igor with the plague of Subfor which he assured me would be hung in the bar area, right next to the plague of Ovens (which was presented by Henry Thompson). I was offered to become a full financial member of the club, which I accepted. So I am now a member along with some very famous people such as Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. (They both became members during the filming of K19 - The Widow Maker), which Igor was a technical advisor on, and of course another famous person you will all know Henry Thompson (ex RE)

The club (address Vasilevsky Ostrov (Island), 5th line 46-B) is only a short taxi ride from the centre of St Petersburg, it is used a bit like Plats Senior Sailors Mess I suppose without the yellow chits. They have Mess Dinners and get togethers over a few Vodkas.

When I advised Igor that I was coming over and would like to meet, he invited myself and Anna to attend the Kursk Memorial day on the 12th August, and of course I accepted. After consulting with SAA Pres (Thommo) it was decided that I would lay a wreath on behalf of the Association.

This is a very big day for the Russian Navy. The day commences with a church service (including guard) held at the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. This Cathedral has memorial plagues for all Russian Submariners that have been lost in peace time operations/accidents. The number now stands at 1000. This is a very moving service and attracts a large amount of media attention. As I was the first Australian Submariner to attend the service I was interviewed by Russian TV ( This was arranged by Igor, and he did pre warn me and provided a translator. After the church service we went to St. Seraphim Cemetery where 28 of the Kursk's crew are buried including the Captain.

The service at the cemetery is a full military affair, Naval band, guard of honour and March past. This is where the wreath was laid. The wreath is laid by two Russian Submariners in a special drill, which was very impressive. On completion of the official duties, families and guests are free to walk around the memorial. Family and friends gather at the grave sites with cold meats, salads, bread and various nibbles and toast with a glass or two of Vodka, they refer to this as a Recall. This is there way of remembering those that have passed. Not only is it the Kursk Memorial, it is also the burial place of alot of Submariners, some of the headstones make for interesting reading, however, you will need a translator.

Overall I cannot thank Igor enough for his hospitality and time in looking after us, he had a very busy schedule as he is one of the main organisers for the day and had an enormous amount on his plate. I would also like to thank Igor's daughter, Christina, for being our translator during the memorial service.

For those that are interested here is the link for Submarine Club in St Petersburg (, there are two versions, one is in English the other in Russian.

If anyone is contemplating going to Russia for a holiday, I would recommend contacting Igor, via the website, as they can arrange everything for you including tours of the city etc.

The rest of our holiday in Russia was on a river cruise with Uniworld, from St Petersburg to Moscow for 12 days, now that is another story but I would highly recommend that as a way to see alot of Russia in a small amount of time. The people, the country, the history makes this a great destination for a holiday.

So for now

Good luck and happy travels

Philip (Blue) Lees (ex CPORSSM)

HM Submarine E18 Newsletter 3 June 2011

See photo

Dear All,

This email is going out to the known families of the crew of HM Submarine E18 and the many others who have expressed an interest in the boat and her crew over the last couple of years.

The distribution list for this is now just under one hundred names thank you all for helping to ensure that E18 and her crew are not forgotten. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might also be interested, and if they get in touch with I will add them to the list. Equally, if you no longer wish to receive these emails, just let me know and I will remove your name.

Best wishes,

Robert Davenport.

95 Years Ago

Today, June 2nd 2011, is the 95th anniversary of the loss of E18. This year, today is also Ascension Day and Reverend Gustav Piir will be leading the service at 18:00 (15:00 GMT) in Puhavaimu Kirik, the Church of the Holy Spirit in Tallinn, home of the E18 Memorial.

Gustav will be including the crew in his prayers and I hope you will also be able to pause for a minute at that time.

Edwin Bagg, William Bass, Frederick Clack, Douglas Colson, Percy Duffield, Clement Edwards, Ernest Fox, Maurice Fuller, George Gaby, James Galloway, Cyril Godward, Thomas Guest, Robert Halahan, Albert Hall, Herbert Harris, Charles Holland, Charles Hunt, Walter Landale, Frank Maddox, Fyodor Markovsky, Percy Nye, Ivan Pantyukhov, James Percy, Arthur Phillips, Vasiliy Polykarpov, William Powell, Horace Pritchett, Ernest Ruaux, Samuel Sheppard, William Spencer, Charles Turall, Sydney Welsh, Frederick White

We will remember them.

E18 a Maritime Military Grave

As previously noted, the discovery of the wreck in 2009 has been recorded by the Ministry of Defence, Navy Command Heritage. The good news is that E18 is definitely on the list for inclusion in the next Amendment to the Protection of Military Remains Act (PMRA) 1986.

Unfortunately the Amendment has not yet gone before Parliament. The current projection is that it should do so later this year and then be in force in early 2012.

Regardless of the PMRA, there is still some concern that E18 is an easy target for looting and she still needs whatever protection can be offered by the British and Estonian authorities. I am sure that they will continue to do all they can to deter any unauthorised diving on the wreck.

Finding the Families

In the last few months, descendants of two more of the crew have found the E18 group through research into their family history and got in touch. This means we now have contact with the families of 9 out of 33 Bagg, Bass, Clack, Colson, Guest, Halahan, Landale, Powell, and Ruaux; and 2 others who were not aboard when E18 was lost Phillips AC, and Robinson. I am sure others will come forward in due course.

Marking the Centenary

It may seem a way off, but if the next five years go past as swiftly as the last one, 2016 will soon be here. Please keep Thursday 2nd June 2016 in mind and I hope we will be able to mark the event with a return visit to Tallinn.

E18 Website

If anyone reading this would like to help produce some pages for the E18 website -please get in touch. I can provide space on a secure server to host it and publish it to the internet, but I could do with some help from someone else to run it.

The volunteer Editor (or Editors many hands etc...) will need the time and aptitude to produce some well-finished pages, keep them updated with historical fact and news, and deal with any enquiries that come in. If you have an eye for good page layout and you are a confident user of Microsoft Word or Publisher (or prepared to learn) - it could be you!

Please send an email to if you are interested in helping with this.

April, 24

Happy Easter

February, 15

Our condolences

Several days ago after a rare disease passed away our good friend and a member of our Club Ms Sonia Humphrey who is known as a talented journalist, interesting person and just an admirable woman, whose lucky husband was Vice Admiral of Australia Ian MacDougal. They both visited our Club September 2010 and this visit left only enjoyable memories. We thought of them as of the nicest couple.

Admiral Ian MacDougal himself told us this sad news. We express him our deepest condolences and believe that Sonia found peace and rest in Heaven.

More about Sonia


About the 48th International Submariners Congress 2011, Istanbul.

Dear friends!

I consider necessary to inform you on our letter to organizers of our Congress in Istanbul.

I hope for your understanding and support.

Captain Igor Kurdin, St.-Petersburg, Russia.


follow the link

January, 19

From USA with love.

We have received recently a wonderful present from our member from USA and a permanent visitor of our Club Captain Ken Lee (#807) - a wonderful informative book about the history of American Submarine Force. This book also included a greeting from all his fellow submarine "colleagues" with their signatures attached, which was not less pleasant than the book itself!

October, 21

Presentation of memorial "Tear Drop"

We maintain permanent links with our American friends and are always glad to receive some news from them. Several days ago one of the best friends of our Club Roger Dunham sent us an impressive presentation of memorial "Tear Drop" gifted to American nation by eminent Russian sculptor Zurab Tesereteli in memory of people lost in the terroristic attack on 11.09. Here in Russia we remember the victims and would like to post it here in sigh of our friendship and solidarity.


October, 14

Visit of the chiefs of the shipbuilding company CSBC in Saint-Petersburg

13 October 2010 in the companion cabin of Submariners Club took place a gala dinner of chiefs of the shipbuilding company CSBC

During the meeting delegation from Taiwan discussed different topics and problems with Russian colleagues and also had an opportunity to communicate with submarine forces veterans of Russian Navy.

See photo

2 more foreign members, representatives of big shipbuilding company CSBC joined us - #2730 Lee Yin Sheng, agent of the company and #2731 Ying Tze-Shiang, assistant chief of sale department. Worth mentioning is that they represented country, which is not often met among our friends from abroad - Taiwan. We are glad to know that interest to our Club reaches such faraway places and wish to establish permanent links

August, 14

"You all are in our hearts and prayers..."

St.Petersburg submariners and naval veterans Club received many letters dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the tragic loss of submarine "Kursk" from our foreign friends. In particular, Geoff McCready, who was in August 2000 the naval attache of Great Britain in Moscow, wrote us:

Dear Igor and Friends at the St Petersburg Submariners Club,

"Sheena and I would like to send our most sincere best wishes on this the 10th anniversary of the tragic loss of the KURSK. All of you are in our hearts and prayers at this difficult time of remembrance. Our sadness is also tinged with the very good memories we have of all our friends we left behind in Russia - we think of you often.

I am particularly sad that I could not be with you today but as I say we are thinking of you.

With very warm regards, Geoff and Sheena McCready"

"Dear Igor Kirillovich,

I am very sorry indeed not to be able to join you for the commemoration tomorrow of the 10th anniversary of the loss of the submarine Kursk, as the British Ambassador has asked me to take responsibility for some important work which does not allow me to leave Moscow.

As you know, I was myself a member of the Royal Navy rescue team which sailed to the Barents Sea in August 2000, in the hope that we could render some assistance to our fellow sailors of the Russian Navy. I felt an enormous empathy at the time with the families who lost their loved ones in the tragedy. 10 years later, that has not diminished and I should like to express my own solidarity and that of the Royal Navy with those families who have suffered so much and with our Russian Navy colleagues who lost many good friends and shipmates on that tragic day.

Simon Lister and Geoff McCready are also unable to come to Russia for the occasion, but they have asked me to convey to you their thanks for your invitation and their own feelings of solidarity and friendship on this solemn occasion.

Please bear in mind that the thoughts of the Royal Navy will also be with you tomorrow.

With very best wishes, Simon"

July, 22

Official confirmation from administration of Aland islands in occasion of S-2

July, 17

Regarding the 47th Convention in Israel. Letter from James Blakely, President of ISA

June, 2

47th International Submariners Convention 2010. 23-27 of May. Photo report

In the end of May in Israel took place the annual International Submariners Convention, the 47th in succession. Members of St.Peterburg submariners Club also participated in this event.

We offer you our phoro report taken just on the site

May, 6

Dark secret of underwater treasure

After a decade of painstaking underwater searching, the wreck of a Soviet World War II submarine has been found in the Baltic Sea.

The vessel went down with its fifty-man crew in 1940 after being sunk by a mine laid by Finland.

The relatives of those who died say it is a matter of honor to establish what really happened all those years ago.

For seventy years, it was a mystery how, where and even when the S-2 submarine perished.

During the war between the Soviet Union and Finland, the sea around the Aland Islands became a focal point for the naval conflict, much of it underwater.

The S-2 - which set sail on January 1, 1940 - was sent by the Soviet High Command to roam and disrupt Finland's supply lines.

Retired submarine captain Igor Kurdin told RT that "surviving on a submarine like this was very difficult. There was no air purification system. The heat was stifling. Besides, the commanders had little information about this area."

Three days later - just as the S-2 was entering the conflict zone - all communication was lost.

A lighthouse officer described seeing the submarine surface on January 3, then hearing a shattering explosion.

That officer's grandson, professional diver Ingvald Eckerman, dedicated ten years to finding it.

"My father told me the story of the submarine since I was a child. But there were no specific coordinates. We searched everywhere. The moment we found it - it was amazing!" he recalled.

However, not everyone believes the S-2 was lost without a fight.

Aleksandr Tutyshkin was only a toddler when his father, the most senior officer on the S-2, died. To honor him, he became a navy man himself.

"I turn 73 soon. I have only one dream left. That is to visit the place of my father's death, and to find out how he really died," he said.

Aleksandr Tutyshkin claims the S-2 was engaged in action, battling bravely before sustaining serious damage.

Leaking oil, with a failing radio system, it tried to communicate with another Soviet ship - but could not make itself clear.

Knowing they were doomed, the crew tried to return home, before being bombed by Swedish boats which were helping Finland.

Tutyshkin claims Sweden's war neutrality meant that the incident was hushed-up.

Now the S-2's final resting place has been found, researchers may at last discover how it sank. Yet unless it is declared an official war grave, underwater treasure hunters may get there first.

April 25

Submarine E18

This newsletter is going out to the known families of the crewof HM Submarine E18 and the many others who have expressed an interest, orhelped to arrange the visit to Tallinn at the end of May.

I hope it will keep you informed about what is going on and helpto make this a memorable trip, the main purpose of which is to pay our respectsto all those lost on June 2nd 1916 and ensure that they are notforgotten.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter,

Robert Davenport.

Tallinn 28-31 May 2010

There are some definite events shown below, and some that arestill being worked on. However this is very much a make your ownway trip and it up to you to decide where you want to join in, or fillthe gaps - Tallinn isan interesting city to explore, or just relax.

15 of us are definitely travelling out from the UK SeanCarter, Guy Davenport, Marian and Keith Hoffmeister, Richard and Linda Joyce,Jeremy and Wendy Mathers, Vic Powell and his son, Jill and Fred Rees, Derek andSusanne White, and myself.

A number of others have previously expressed an interest invisiting Tallinn, and I hope you will have already received the informationabout travel and accommodation options. If not, let me know and I will send itagain.

At the moment it seems likely that about 50 people will gatherat the Service of Remembrance on Sunday. Important: severalitems below have YES/NO - NUMBER written against them and if you are going tobe in Tallinn, please reply to me with those lines updated so that we can planaccurately for the number of people attending these events.

Friday 28 May

Arrival according to personalarrangements. There are no scheduled events on Friday.

Saturday 29 May

10:00. Maritime Museum. Avisit to this very interesting museum which includes the Vickers-builtsubmarine Lembit. You will need to buy a ticket.

12:00. TallinnOld Town. A guided walk around the medieval city.

16:00. Meeting. Location tobe confirmed. To discuss the E18 Memorial Fund and the status of E18 as aMaritime Military Grave (see below).

19:30. Dinner. Location tobe confirmed. A chance to relax in good company and raise a glass to ourancestors. Cost will be about 25EUR per head, depending on numbers.

Sunday 30 May

12:00. PhaVaimu - Church of the Holy Spirit. Service of Remembrance anddedication of E18 Memorial Plaque.

13:00. Refreshments. Location to be confirmed.

15:00. PhaVaimu - Church of the Holy Spirit. English-language Sunday serviceand Holy Communion.

Morning. To be confirmed possible visit the Estonian Navy at their base in Tallinn. Obviouslythis will depend on their operational priorities at that time, and numbers maybe restricted - but more news later.

Afternoon. Departureaccording to personal arrangements.

Poppy Wreaths

I have been asked about laying wreaths at the RemembranceService, or possibly at the New GarrisonCemetery. You can order wreaths if you wish from the Royal BritishLegion but before you do, please let me know and depending on numbers,it may be possible to arrange a single delivery to Tallinn for collection onthe day.

Memorial Fund

Unfortunately nothing in this life is free, and so I need tostart asking for contributions towards the cost of the Memorial Plaque and toensure that it is maintained and retained for generations to come. But pleasedo not send any money now as I have not yet had the bill.

I would also like to discuss starting a more formal fund, ifthere is sufficient interest and people prepared to stand in as Secretary,Treasurer and so on. This could then go forward as an organisation to maintainthe memorial, and act as a forum and voice for the families and otherinterested parties if and when there is any further activity related to thewreck. There will be an opportunity to discuss further when we meet inTallinn.

As a first step, please let me know if you wish to contribute.

18 a Maritime Military Grave

The discovery of the wreck has been recorded by the Ministry ofDefence, Navy Command Heritage department. They operate a rollingprogramme of assessment/designation of wrecks under the Protection of MilitaryRemains Act (PMRA) 1986, and have just finished the process for the latest (4th)batch of nine vessels, whose designations as Maritime Military Graves came intoforce on 1st Feb 2010. They are beginning the process ofresearching the candidates for the 5th batch, and E18 is beingconsidered as part of that exercise. Once the assessment is complete, the nextbatch of wrecks will be designated in 2011.

When E18 is designated under the PMRA, she will have someprotection in law against unauthorised diving and interference. In themeantime, a number of people have expressed concern that E18 is an easy targetfor looting. There is no evidence that this has taken place, but as the wreckis in relatively shallow water 50 or 60 metres and has been thesubject of considerable media interest, it is a real possibility. Thewreck is well preserved and will be seen as an extremely attractive target; thechances of being able to remove high-value items are very good. As thewinter is now over and diving conditions are improving, the need to gainofficial protection for the wreck is becoming more urgent.

The role E18 played in the Baltic campaign and the key eventshappening in British, Russian and Estonian history at that time mean that E18is of great historical significance; she is also unique as a surviving exampleof early submarine technology. There is also considerable public,government and international interest in these discoveries, as has been shown(albeit on a larger scale) by recent events at Fromelles.

I have no doubt that for all these reasons, E18 will bedesignated as a Maritime Military Grave as soon as possible. In the meantime,she needs whatever protection can be offered by the British and Estonianauthorities. I am sure that now and in the future, they will do all they canto keep an eye on the site and deter any unauthorised diving.

Finding the Families

The search is still on for other families related to the crewand thanks to NavyNews, PlymouthHerald, PortsmouthNews, and,there has been some publicity about this. As a result of the piece in thePortsmouth News, Derek White has been in touch. Dereks grandmother wasThomas Guests widow, before she married Dereks grandfather. Interestingly, Derek worked on the refurbishment of three Royal NavySandown-class minesweepers before they joined the Estonian Navy in Tallinn in2007 - it is a small world.

So far we know the families of 6 out of 33 - Colson, Guest,Halahan, Landale, Powell, and Ruaux; and 2 others who were not aboard when E18was lost Phillips AC, and Robinson. It would would be very good tofind others even if not in time for this trip, then at least to letthem know about the memorial and where we are now. Please let me know if youwould like to help and adopt a crew member to make him your personalfamily search project; I will then let you have the information I have so far. The full crew list is as follows:

Chief Petty Officer EdwinAlbert Taylor Bagg

Leading Seaman WilliamGeorge Bass

Petty Officer FrederickClack

Sub-Lieutenant DouglasNowell Colson DSC RNR

Stoker 1st Class PercyDuffield

Leading Telegraphist ClementHarry Edwards

Stoker 1st Class ErnestAlfred Fox

Engine Room Artificer 2ndClass Maurice Harold Fuller

Telegraphist GeorgeGaby

Engine Room Artificer RNRJames Kerr Galloway

Able Seaman CyrilFrancis Godward

Leading Stoker ThomasEdwin Guest

Lieutenant-Commander RobertCrosby Halahan RN

Stoker 1st Class AlbertGeorge Hall

Leading Stoker HerbertThomas Harris

Engine Room Artificer 3rdClass Charles William Holland

Stoker 1st Class CharlesHunt

Lieutenant WalterLuke Landale RN

Able Seaman FrankLadbrooke Maddox

Chief Telegraphist FyodorNikolaevich Markovsky

Stoker 1st Class PercyJames Peter Nye

Signalman IvanYefimovich Pantyukhov

Leading Stoker JamesReuben Percy

Leading Stoker ArthurPercy Phillips

Lieutenant VasiliyMikhailovich Polykarpov

Able Seaman WilliamGeorge Powell

Able Seaman HoraceEdward Pritchett

Leading Seaman ErnestWilliam Ruaux

Chief Stoker SamuelArthur Sheppard

Engine Room Artificer 1stClass William Chadwick Spencer

Petty Officer CharlesWilliam Turall

Able Seaman SydneyAugustus Welsh

Leading Seaman Frederick White

Rest In Peace.

Thank You

Everyone receiving this has played a part in making the memorialweekend possible through their interest, support and participation. Particularthanks must go to Darren Brown for setting us off on this journey in the firstplace, and to Mart Murusalu at the British Embassy in Tallinn; but you have alldone your bit, so many thanks all: Dene Angland, Eeva Beres, Mrs M Biskup, Darren Brown, Evgeny Bulavintsev, Peter Carter, Sean Carter, Robin Colson, Debbie Corner, Dudley Davenport, Guy Davenport, Mary Davenport, Tom Davenport, Carl Douglas, Urmas Dresen, Barbara Finch, James Francis, Imogen Gosling, Maxwell Halahan, David Hamid, Matt Hayes, Keith Hoffmeister, Marian Hoffmeister, Robert Howell, Matthew Hyde, Sergey Ignatenko, Matt Jackson, David Joyce, Linda Joyce, Richard Joyce, Igor Kozir, Roman Kuraksa, Igor Kurdin, Taavi Laanepere, James Langdale, Lionel MacDonald, George Malcolmson, Janet Mason, Vello Mss, Jeremy Mathers, Amanda McKelvie, Jim McMaster, Mart Murasulu, Trevor Muston, Kadri Napritson, Tristan Nichols, Audrey Page, Norah Page, Gustav Piir, Vic Powell, Jill Rees, Lennely Saar, Crispin Sadler, Igor Schvede, Tony Scott, Jeff Tall, Katrin Tammar, Roddy Urquart, Ian Walkden, Ian Watts, Derek White

April 21

Crew of Submarine K-182 met in the wardroom of St. Petersburg Submariners' Club

On April 3, in the wardroom of the St. Petersburg Submariners' Club a crew of submarine K-182 (Delta-2) held a meeting. Commander - Rear-Admiral Vladimir Naumov.

Photos from the meeting in the St. Petersburg Submariners' Club

April, 12

40 years ago the Soviet submarine K-8 sank in the Bay of Biscay

Today marks 40 years since the death of the Soviet submarine K-8. A fire broke out aboard a nuclear submarine, crew fought the fire for 4 days, but efforts to extinguish the flame were unsuccessful. The submarine sank in the Bay of Biscay on April 12, 1960.

April, 12

Russian specialists will repair a British cruiser Belfast

During the Great Patriotic War ship escorted convoys to Murmansk and Archangelsk.

Repair work will be carried out in London. The main purpose of repair - to restore two heavily corroded masts, for which Russian companies raised somewhat $400,000. British and Russian Veterans meet at cruiser Belfast every year to celebrate Victory.

April, 7

In St. Petersburg and the Northern Fleet commemorate submariners, who died at submarine "Komsomolets"

A commemoration ceremony for submariners, who died in 1989 at the nuclear submarine "Komsomolets", will be held on Wednesday in St. Petersburg and all the navies of Russia.

Surviving sailors, their relatives and friends, veterans of the submarine will gather in St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral of northern capital, where a memorial plague with the names of submariners established,- told Interfax at St. Petersburg Submariners' Club.

After the memorial service for Seraphim Memorial Cemetery at the grave of the commander, Captain First Rank Eugeny Vanin and crew, the captain of the second rank Oleg Avanesov and Senior Lieutenant Sergey Markov, memorial meeting will be held and flowers will be placed on the graves.

Ceremonies to honor the dead will be held in the garrisons of the Northern Fleet.

At 17:08 - the official time of death of a submarine - all the flags of the fleet will be lowered to half-mast on ships and submarines. A minute's silence will be observed to remember the crew.

The disaster occurred on April 7, 1989 during exercises in the neutral waters of Norwegian Sea. A fire broke out in one of compartments, crew fought the fire for 6 hours, but efforts to extinguish the flame were unsuccessful.

Submarine "Komsomolets" sank in the south-west of Bear Island at a depth of 1500 meters. The death toll in the crash is 42. All crew members were awarded the Order of the Red Banner for courage and heroism.

33 dead submarines lie at the bottom of the Norwegian Sea in the place of death of "Komsomolets" and only nine of them were buried on the shore.

Memorial Day on April 7 was officially proclaimed in 1996 by Commander of Russian Navy.

Submarine "Komsomolets" was a part of RF Navy in 1983. Built at Severodvinsk Sevmash, the boat with heavy-duty titanium case was an experienced ship, able to fight at a depth of more than two times greater than normal depth of immersion of submarines. Thus, 5 August 1985 "Komsomolets" sank to a depth of 1,020 meters, setting an unsurpassed record so far.

March, 22

Submariners Day

After successfully completing the shooting submariners met in the evening in one of the city halls. Veterans of Great Patriotic War and young officers who only learn science in the Naval Academy participated in celebration. Commanders of the naval base, as well as representatives of city authorities were invited for a holyday table.

Chairman of the Saint Petersburg submariners' club- Igor Kurdin:

Today Club gathers its members and guests. Here are submariners and ship builders, designers, well and, most importantly, our wives and widows of comrades who are no longer with us."

The concert was attended by: Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Rogozhin, Honored Artists of Russia, St. Petersburg Soloists of "Rock Opera" Theatre- Elena Ulyanova and Rough Kashapov, singer of "Golden Age" Natalia Fetisova, winner of international competitions, the ensemble of the Russian song "Harmony", the singer, composer, leader of the "August" -Pavel Kolesnik.

Photo report by Alexander Lisafin

March, 18

Russia's first private submarine museum opens in St. Petersburg

Russia's first private submarine museum will open in St. Petersburg on March 18, 2010, in the run-up to Submariner Day, told RIA Novosti Igor Kurdin- chairman of the Saint Petersburg submariners club.

"This is Russia's the only preserved rarity from the famous 613 project - the most massive series (215 units) of the Soviet submarine fleet," - said Kurdin.

The Gala -evening dedicated to Submariner Day, organized by the St. Petersburg Submariners Club and Navy Veterans will be held in St. Petersburg on March 19.

The boat is now docked at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. Diesel-electric boat with a hull number C-189 was built at the Baltic Shipyard in 1955 and became part of the Kronstadt base submarines. Until 1988 it was a diving school for thousands of sailors, sergeants and officers.

In 1990, the boat was withdrawn from the Navy and was soon sunk in the port of Kronstadt. Leningrad Naval Base could not afford to raise the submarine. Its' fate boat waited for six years, before submarine veterans had got the idea to turn it into a museum. In late 2005, with the charity of former sailor Andrew Artiushin submarine was lifted up and placed in the dock at Kanonersky plant.

It took more than two years to restore internal equipment. In August 2007 the submarine was installed at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, and work on the creation of on-board museum began.

"The organizers have decided to make ship of C-189 class the most interactive. You can try everything and touch anything you want here ", - say the organizers of the museum.

February, 24

St Petersburg Submariners celebrated the Day of Defender of Fatherland in the theater

Submariners of St. Petersburg used to celebrate the Day of Defender of Fatherland in the most special way. However, they celebrate the holiday for over ten years. Every year, on February 23 they go to .theater. Igor Vladimirov - former leader of Lensovet Theater has helped to establish this tradition. He is one of the lads for submariners - graduated from the shipbuilding department, the first film role - a diver in "The Secret of Two Oceans. Today, veterans and members of the Submariners Club watched the musical "Umbrellas of Sherburg".

Chairman of the Saint Petersburg submariners' club- Igor Kurdin:

"Submariners - people who live not only under the water. They go not only in military museums. Previously, it was decided to go to the theater in the form. Now this tradition is lost, but hopefully will be restored".

The fact that the romantic musical has nothing to do with the military theme in general, nor to the submariners in particular, is not confusing for veterans. For a few hours Lensovet Theater virtually turned into a branch of the Submariners Club. In the foyer it was a sell of sailor's vests and souvenirs with symbols of the sea, and in the buffet sounded triple "Hurray".

Photos from the celebration of the Day of Defender of Fatherland

February, 1

The Petersburg Submariners congratulated the best American director Kathryn Bigelow

Renowned film director Kathryn Bigelow has received congratulations for the best film of 2009 from the Northern capital- told "BaltInfo" the chairman of the St. Petersburg Submariners Club Igor Kurdin.

Five years ago, Kathryn Bigelow along with the St. Petersburg Submariners club prepared a film called "K 19 - The Widowmaker." Long time director worked in St. Petersburg and studied the history of the nuclear submarine. However, U.S. critics have recognized that this is not the best film. They marked out the tape, entitled "Lord of the Storm" - low-budget picture, taken in Jordan. It focuses on the work of American engineers during Operation Desert Storm.

In late January of this year Kathryn Bigelow was recognized as best director -2009 by Directors Guild of America. Moreover, she became the first female winner in the history of the Guild.

"We have sent congratulations to Katherine, as a long time worked with this wonderful director. We hope that in March she will get an Oscar, as practice shows that the victory in the Directors Guild is a half the battle for such a prestigious award as the "Oscar", - said Igor Kurdin.

Kathryn Bigelow and Liam Neeson on the first perfomance of the film "K 19" in the Mariinsky Theatre

He suggested that the film "K 19" was ignored for the reason that "Russians were shown too patriotic in this picture."

We add that for the top prize fought five films: "Avatar", " Up in the Air ", "Inglorious Bastards" and " Precious".



November 25

Noon gunshot - in honor of the 15th anniversary

November 25, noon gunshot from Naryshkin bastion of the Peter and Paul fortress announced the 15th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg Submariners Club.

The Club created on November, 25th, 1994 at the initiative of Northern Navy marines, for already 15 years has been keeping the non-stop watch on social support of veterans submariners and their families, revival and support of fleet traditions, bringing up the younger generation with patriotic thinking, reinstating historic justice and international collaboration on behalf of Russian Navy. It was club location that could change, it were the tasks that could be adjusted, but the slogan always remains unaltered - Submarine fleet is neither job nor service, it is Fortune and Religion.

There is no sense to number all deeds of the Club- they are quite well-known, what is worth mentioning here is the Club's role in first aid to families of officers tragically died in submarine Kursk, when Club performed its main mission on providing social support. Moreover, we always honored the memory of officers died in other submarines and never forgot their relatives.

Due to actions of members and friends of the Club and charitable help of our sponsors we are able to implement quite big and important projects in a stable environment. The exhibition "15 years in Service" is open in the Club mess room since November 19 (Vassiljevskiy Ostrov, 5 th line, 46 b). This exhibition narrates the history of the Club, books and films created with Club participation are also presented here.

Our club has positive interactions with state and municipal authorities, Navy Command, it enjoys the confidence of the military personnel and veterans of Navy. Being the independent and qualified expert center, Club constantly provides its help in investigating problems and historical issues of submarine fleet.

Media coverage

Ekho Moskvy ("Echo of Moscow") in Saint-Petersburg. Guests are Alexandr Pokrovsky and Igor Kurdin.
TV center
100 TV

November 19

Exhibition devoted to 15-th Anniversary of Submariners Club

"15 years in Service!" - it is the slogan of the exhibition opened in Saint-Petersburg Submariners Club. This exhibition offers a rich photo-collection presenting wide sphere of club activities, visitors can also find numerous video and audio materials highlighting the past and present of the Russian Navy.

We are glad to mention that even very young visitors took part in the welcome ceremony - the first graders from the special class "Fregat". Coming guests could enjoy them singing famous sea songs such as "Good bye, Rocky Mountains" ("Proshchaite, Skalistye Gory") and others .

Senior Priest of the Chesme Church, Father Alexiy (Krylov) visited the welcome ceremony and stated that slogan "Navy is neither a military service, nor work or activity, it is fortune and religion" is not just mere words. Archpriest compared submariners with monks of medieval Knight Orders who, according to him, have similar devotion to their ideas, strong beliefs and firmness.

Among honored guests was Irina Kolesnikova, mother of Dmitry Kolesnikov, lieutenant -commander tragically died in the Kursk Atomic submarine in August 2000. " That days, when we were in total despair only Submariners Club helped and supported us. Thank you very much" said Irina Kolesnikova.

Igor Kurdin, Captain 1st rank, Chairman of the Club told the guests many interesting facts during excursion; among the stories, for example, were facts about Club membership of Erich Topp, Commander of the German submarines U-57, U-552, U-2513, unfairly forgotten hero Alexander Bahtin and the monument erection in submariner's honor.

Photos from the exhibition

Video of "100 TV" TV-channel. Program devoted to exhibition "15 Years in Service"



April 7 - The Memory Day of K-278 "Komsomolets"

On April 7, 1989 nuclear fast attack submarine K-278 "Komsomolets" sank in result of devastating  fire. Lives 42 submariners had been taken away by fire and supercooling. May they rest in peace.

 19th of March - Submariner's Day

Our congratulations to all submariners and their families!


The formal funeral of Captain Peter A. Huchthausen, U.S. Navy (ret.) took place at Arlington on December3rd.

Captain Huchthausen was the 1st international member of the Saint-Petersburg Submariners' Club and also was co-author of the novel "Hostile waters" (with Igor Kurdin).


The celebration of 14th Birthday of the Saint Petersburg Submariners' Club!!!

Congratulations with Anniversary!


November 4, 2008 is the 80th birthday of Lev Chernavin, Chairman of the Submariners Veterans Joint Council, Rear Admiral. Now Lev Chernavin is Honorary President of the Saint-Petersburg Submariners' Club

August 12 - The Memory Day of K-141 "Kursk"

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg, the naval capital of Russia >>>







With greatest sorrow we have to inform of passing of President of the St.Petersburg Submariners Club,  Admiral of the Fleet (ret.), Hero of Soviet Union and the last of Soviet Navy submarine commander of WWII era Georgiy M. EGOROV.

May he rest in Peace

New submarine museum in St.Petersburg

On August 2 a Whisky-class Cold War era submarine has been placed alongside Neva embankment. S-189 is the only one of 215  Whisky-class submarines which has been saved as museum in ex-USSR countries.

On May 9 Russia celebrates the Great Patriotic War Victory Day!

We congratulate all Russians abroad and also congratulate all our foreign friends on the Victory Day in Europe! Let's make all our best such  war never comes true again!

Accident aboard HMS Tireless >>>

We condole with British submariners and families on the loss of their mates and beloved

Our Congratulations to all submariners!

Dear Friends! Fellow Submariners! Club members and visitors of the website! We wish you Merry Christmas and Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

On November 25 we celebrated the 12th anniversary of the Saint-Petersburg Submariners' Club!

International Submariners Meeting, Saint-Petersburg 2006, May 26 - 28

Photo report >>>


March 19 is Birthday of  Russian Submarine Forces!

2006 - the 100th Anniversary

Russian submarines for their 100 years history >>>

New medal in the ship's store. "100th anniversary of the submarine service of Russia" >>>


Friends! Fellow submariners! Welcome to St. Petersburg >>>  


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