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Club's wardroom is always open to our shipmates



 Visit to "Latusch Treville"


Evening with naval attaches


Igor Kurdin and Lev Chernavin in company of famous Adm. USN Bob Long


A mess for lost submariners


Crewmembers of unlucky K-219


In St. Nicholas Cathedral


The ISA GB president Mr. James Blackely and his spouse visiting the Headquarters of the St.Petersburg Naval base


Members of the Club staring in the TV program "Kak eto bylo" ("The Way It Was") of Russian television dedicated to the K-219 accident


Club's council chairman Igor Kurdin and  Father Bogdan discussing a problem with the first Mayor of St.Petersburg Anatoliy Sabchak




Visit of Club's delegation to the New Providence Club (USA).


 New member just joined the Club. Visit of Ken Watkins and Mike Allison to the Club.


 Skipper of USS "Halibut" makes speech during mess for lost submariners of K-129, USS Thresher and USS Scorpion


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