Welcome to St. Petersburg, maritime capital of Russia!

St. Petersburg Submariners' and Naval Veterans' Club is one of the most known maritime organizations in Russia and among naval mariners worldwide. Out of 3,000 members of the Club, there are over 300 foreigners from 25 countries. They have already been our guests at international meetings in St. Petersburg in 2000 and 2006; many of them visited our city along with their families and friends. We host our guests since 1996.

We are always delighted to meet a group of visitors and a single guest as well. The Club will be a hospitable harbor welcoming you with open arms. We could accommodate you in a hotel of any class at your desire and give not only a common tourist trip over the city but show you the heart of Russia's maritime capital. In accordance with your desire, we can provide an escort interpreter and transport.

We offer you an exclusive program considering all your interests and wishes. You could make a unique sightseeing tour over historic spots of St. Petersburg, visit the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, lay eyes on Peterhof fountains, enjoy famous Russian ballet at the Mariinsky Theater at night, make a river trip along Neva and watch the bridges drawn. Once your visit coincides with one of our holidays or memorable dates, you would become our honored guests.

February 23 - Motherland Defenders' Day
March 19 - Submariners' Day
April 7 - Remembrance Day of Lost Submariners
May 9 - Victory Day (WW2, 1945)
July 25 - Russian Navy Day
August 12 - Remembrance Day of Perished Submarine Kursk (2000)
November 25 - St. Petersburg Submariners' Club Foundation Day (1994)
Maritime part of the tour includes visiting fortress town of Kronshtadt (the oldest active naval base), naval necropolis at Seraphim Cemetery where 32 crewmembers of Kursk submarine are buried, unique maritime temples of St. Petersburg - St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral (with 15 memorial plaques naming all Russian submariners lost through the years of Cold War) and St. Peter and Paul Cathedral built in honor of 100th anniversary of Russian submarine fleet. You could board legendary ships - cruiser Aurora, icebreaker Krasin, submarines D-2 Narodovolets and Whiskey-class S-189, and of course visit Central Naval Museum.

The mess room of Submariners' Club is a hospitable place where you could meet with our club members - veterans of WW2 and Cold War, outstanding Russian submariners and their wives, as well as with families of our lost colleagues.

Welcome on board!

Please contact us:
199004, 46-B, 5th Lane, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7-812-323-2467
Fax: +7-812-323-0778
Email: subclub@mail.ru

Exemplary program of St. Petersburg tour. *
(7 days / 6 nights)

1 Day

Arrival in airport Pulkovo
Transfer to the hotel
Hotel accommodation
Free time

2 Day

9.00 Breakfast in the hotel
10.00 Loop tour over the city.
14.00. Dinner
15.00 Excursion in the Hermitage

3 Day

8.30 Breakfast in the hotel
9.30 Excursion in the Central Navy Museum
14.00 Excursion in the museum-submariners S-189 (Whiskey-class) and D-2 Narodovoletz
16.00 Dinner
18.30 Visit in the St.Petersburg Club of Submariners

4 Day

9.00 Breakfast in the hotel
10.00 Excursion to Kronstadt.
14.00 Free time

5 Day

9.00 Breakfast in the hotel
10.00 Visit to Serafimovskoe Memorial Cemetery
13.00 Excursion to Sestroretsk
Free time

6 Day

9.00 Breakfast in the hotel
10.00 Excursion to the Museum-cruiser Aurora
12.00 Excursion to the Marinesko Museum
14.00 Dinner

7 Day

Breakfast in the hotel
Transfer to the airport

The cost of the whole tour program is 1100 Euro.

*The cost of tour is calculated for one-person visit. The tour for two or more persons should be additionally discussed.
This exemplary program of the tour may be changed according to your wishes. It would affect the initial price.

It includes

Stay in hotel for 6 nights and breakfasts in the hotel
Transfers from and to the airport, transport in the city
Guide & excursions
Enter tickets for all the museums listed above
Medical expense insurance of Russian insurance company

It doesn`t includes

Flight ticket
Insurance on the case of cancel

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