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Welcome to Saint-Petersburg, the naval capital of Russia!

Saint-Petersburg Submariners’ Club appreciates greatly its friendship with colleagues from more than 25 countries of the world. We are proud of all 225 foreign members, among whom there are many honoured and outstanding submariners, participants of World War II and the Cold War as well. Especially we are grateful to those of our brother-submariners and members of their families who supported us in August 2000, the days when we lost submarine cruiser “Kursk” and its heroic crew. We invite all our friends to visit our unique city and we are ready to organize this trip. You will be VIP-guests of our Submariners’ Club while your trip is going to be exclusive. None of the tourist companies is able to offer you more and the prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Saint Petersburg constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the former capital of the Russian Empire, nowadays the city is the cultural capital of the country. Saint Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great more than 300 years ago and became a cradle of the Russian Navy and today it is also considered the naval capital of Russia.

We have been arranging tourism for veterans and holidays for our foreign friends since 1996 and we definitely gained an experience in this field. Tourist programs of our Club and grade of our service deserved deep appreciation of our guests.

According to your choice you will be welcomed not only to the most famous museums of our city such as the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Amber Room in Pushkin, the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, palaces and fountains of Peterhoff but you’ll be able to visit special places closed for common tourists as well.

Saint-Petersburg provides many sites which professional seamen and those who is keen on naval history could be interested with. This places in general are out of  programs provided by tourist companies and  some of the places are close for tourists at all. These are icebreaker "Krasin", commissioned in England in 1916, the oldest icebreaker in Russia and probably in the World,  veteran of Artic convoys; WWII submarine D-2 "Narodovolets", her sister ship D-1 was the first submarine built in USSR; S-189, Cold-war era Whisky-class submarine; forts of Kronshtadt naval base; museums of St.Petersburg's ship-yards and submarine design offices, naval colleges etc. St.Petersburg Submariners Club is one of a few and in some cases is the only one organization which is able to arrange an excursion to these places.

We will help you to find your friends here and those who you could only see through periscopes in the years of the Cold War. These meetings are usually held at tables with traditional Russian food or on board of a ship during the boat trip on rivers and canals of Saint-Petersburg. The city provides numerous of beautiful sights and it is especially interesting to see the bridges of the city are being opened in the period of the White Nights.

If you come at the time of the national or naval holidays are being held you will be able to admire ceremonial parades and naval show.

It does not matter for us to meet either numerous delegations or just a family couple. In any case you will be treated according to the Russian hospitality.

We are ready to offer you any hotel, starting with cozy mini-hotels to five star apartments. You will also be escorted by highly professional guides and provided with any transport.

Your program will be arranged according to any of your requests.

Your visit to Saint-Petersburg will definitely create long-lasting impressions!

RUSSIA, 199004 Saint-Petersburg, 5th line, 46"B" ,
St. Petersburg Submariners' Club
phone:    +7 (812) 323-2467
fax:         +7 (812) 323-0778
e-mail:      subclub@mail.ru

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